Unique opportunities present unique needs. It helps to know that with specialized lending and money management options, you can consider it done with people you can bank on. Focused on exceeding client expectations, our responsive, experienced bankers are committed to building a long-term relationship based on trust and an unmatched level of service to help you grow, transfer and enjoy wealth - so you can focus on things you enjoy most.

Meet our knowledgeable professionals:

Heather Ramsey 4 2019 Square
Heather Ramsey
Senior Vice President Private Banking
NMLS 640369
South Glenstone
Amy Wilkerson 2021 Square
Amy Wilkerson
Vice President Private Banking
NMLS 1718589
South Glenstone
Misty Covvey 2023 Square
Misty Covvey
Vice President Private Banking
NMLS 475073
Joplin McClelland
Kathy Qu 2021 Square
Kathy Qu
Private Banking Officer
NMLS 1730876
South Glenstone
Zilian Falig 2021
Zilian Falig
Private Banking Specialist
NMLS 1589930
South Glenstone

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